Spring 2017 Speaker Schedule

Take a look at the fabulous speakers coming to campus this quarter! (Schedule subject to change.)

Monday, March 27th

"Consensus: How Electoral Votes, the US Senate, and Article V Protect Federalism, Regionalism, and Government by National Consensus" with Professor Richard Duncan.

Monday, March 28th

A Debate on "Beckles v. United States" with Adam Mortara and Professor Leah Litman.

Wednesday, March 29th

"Freedom From Speech: Current Movements to Shut Down the Marketplace of Ideas on Campus and Beyond" with Kevin St. John.

Monday, April 10th

Religious Liberty Panel with Ed Whelan and Aaron Streett.

Wednesday, April 19th

Justice David Stras of the Minnesota Supreme Court (Topic TBD).

Thursday, April 27th

William Consovoy (Topic TBD).

Wednesday, April 26th

Aaron Nielson (Topic TBD).

Thursday, May 4th

Judge William H. Pryor, Jr. of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit (Topic TBD).

Monday, May 8th

Clark Neily (Topic TBD).

Thursday, May 11th

Justice Don Willett of the Texas Supreme Court, Tweeter Laureate of #Texas (Topic TBD).

Wednesday, May 17th

"Justice Scalia: Friend of Criminal Defendants" with Stephanos Bibas.

Winter 2017 Speaker Schedule

Below are the fabulous speakers who visited last quarter!

Wednesday, January 11th

"The Complicated Business of State Supreme Court Elections and Implications for Tort Reforms: An Empirical Study" with Professor Michael Heise.

Thursday, January 12th

"The Problem with Pro Bono" with Michael F. Williams.

Wednesday, January 25th

"Does the Fourteenth Amendment Protect Unenumerated Rights?" with Professor Kurt Lash and Alan Gura.

Thursday, January 26th

"Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter" with Professor Ilya Somin.

Tuesday, January 31st

Justice Clint Bolick of the Arizona Supreme Court (Topic TBA).

Wednesday, February 1st

"Substantive Due Process: It's Not a Thing" with Marcella Burke.

Tuesday, February 7th

Judge Edith Jones of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (Topic TBA).

Thursday, February 9th

"A Conversation with Chief Justice Robert P. Young (of the Michigan Supreme Court)."

Monday, February 13th

"Private-Sector Courts and Markets for Law: Libertarian Fantasy or Enduring Reality of Arbitration Law?" with Professor Stephen Ware.

Thursday, February 16th

Shon Hopwood (Topic TBA).

Monday, February 20th

"Executive Branch Overreach and the Courts" with Noel Francisco.

Fall 2016 Speaker Schedule

Below are the fabulous speakers who visited in the fall.

Thursday, September 29th

"An Introduction to the Federalist Society" with Professor M. Todd Henderson.

Monday, October 3rd

"Supreme Court Round-Up" with Ashley Keller and Tom Dupree.

Tuesday, October 11th

"Public Interest Litigation: Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley" with Jordan Lorence of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Monday, October 17th

"Irrational Basis: The Scrutiny Only Applicable to Gun Law" with Andy Oldham, Deputy General Counsel at Office of the Governor, State of Texas.

Wednesday, October 26th

"The 17th Amendment: Is Voting Ever a Bad Thing?" with Professor Bradley P. Jacob, Regent University School of Law

Monday, October 31st

"The First Amendment is Not Enough: Why Free Speech Needs a Moral Defense" with Steve Simpson, Director of Legal Studies, The Ayn Rand Institute.

Wednesday, November 2nd

"Effects of Historic City Preservation Upon Development and City Growth" with Ilya Shapiro.

Monday, November 7th

"Gridlock and Executive Power" with Professor Josh Blackman of the Houston College of Law.

Thursday, November 17th

"International Law and ISIS" with Professor Michael Newton.

Thursday, December 1st

"Class Actions" with Ted Frank.