President - Ken Lee

Ken is from Honolulu, Hawaii, and received his undergraduate degree from USC. When he's not in law school, he likes swimming and playing the board game go. If he could have lunch with any founding father, he would choose George Washington.

External Vice President - Haylee Bernal

Internal VP - Anne Jiang

Anne Jiang will be serving as the Internal Vice President for this school year, and she is very excited about her role! Anne attended the University of Chicago for her undergraduate degree and went straight through to law school, so she has been in Hyde Park for seven years now. She is originally from a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and she plans to return to Pittsburgh after graduation. In her spare time, Anne enjoys running and yoga.

Vice President and Chair of the Otis Award - John Bugnacki

John is from Manchester, Connecticut and attended Providence College for undergraduate. Before law school, he worked as a consultant in Washington, D.C.

Vice President and Chair of the Joseph Story Award - Grant Strobl

Grant Strobl is from Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan, and attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Grant also serves as the chairman of the board of governors of Young Americans for Freedom, a national non-profit. In his free time, he enjoys hiking national parks with the goal of hiking them all.

Treasurer - Tyler Lindley

Tyler is from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and attended Brigham Young University. Before college, Tyler spent two years in northern Italy serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Outside of the law school, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Programming Director - Rachel Brown

Rachel is from Cleveland, Ohio, and went to The University of Alabama for undergrad. In her free time, Rachel enjoys skiing, hiking, cycling, and traveling.

Programming Director - Ed Matin

Ed Matin is a 2L at the University of Chicago Law School. He enjoys fishing in his free time.

Programming Director - Hallie Saunders

Hallie is from Meridian, Idaho, and attended Brigham Young University. After undergrad, she worked for an economic consulting firm in Washington, DC. She loves to scuba dive in her free time.

Events Coordinator - Tamara Skinner

Tamara Skinner grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and received her undergraduate degree from Claremont McKenna College. Before law school, she worked at the Arizona Governor’s Office. In her free time, Tamara enjoys hiking, exploring art museums, and attending concerts.

Communications Director - Chloe Zagrodzky

Chloe is from Austin, Texas, and attended Claremont McKenna College. Before law school, she spent two years at a political consulting firm in Washington, D.C. Outside of law school, she loves to bake, play board games, hike, and read fiction.

Social Director - Alex Meade

Alex grew up in Pensacola, Florida, and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016. Before law school, he worked for three years as a Paralegal at the Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Fraud Section in Washington, D.C., where he worked on securities and financial fraud investigations. At the Law School, Alex is also a Member of The University of Chicago Law Review and Treasurer of the Latino/a Law Students Association. In his free time, Alex likes to watch cooking television shows and try to emulate the chefs’ techniques.

Membership Director - Richard Howell

Richard is from Sharptown, New Jersey. He attended Georgetown University and interned at Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks. He'd like to have dinner with Daniel Carroll, the only Catholic signer of the Constitution and the older brother of John Carroll, founder of Georgetown.

Assistant Treasurer - Kelsey Nelson

Kelsey Nelson is from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. She went to Brigham Young University where she earned her Bachelors and Masters in Accounting. She then worked for a large public accounting firm in Washington, DC as a tax accountant in their Financial Markets group. This work inspired Kelsey to apply to law school and pursue a career in tax law. Kelsey enjoys reading with her three children, watching The Office with her husband, and playing board games.

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1L Rep - Coming Soon

1L Rep - Coming Soon

1L Rep - Coming Soon

1L Rep - Coming Soon

1L Rep - Coming Soon